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The Ultimate collection of Free-Verse, Poetry and Prose dealing with the universal concepts of loss and longing.
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I,205 Things I Want To Tell You
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I'm a writer who writes fiction stories.

Make Believe.

This one is about a crazy half-Irish half-Chippewa boy falling in love with an equally crazy Colombian girl.

(*There's another girl in there, too.)

It has helicopter rides and near-death highway chases and lots of swear words.
It has steamy romance and tons of conflict and the kind of drama that only an author could dream up.

This is our story

and while I realize that everyone is going to read this and think

there's no way this could actually be true


that's the craziest made-up love story I've ever read

the only two people who know




whether or not every single word in these pages is true

is me


is You.

So here, I guess, are 1,205 Things I Want to Tell You.

...139,2.                      ...139, 3.

...139, 2     &    ...139, 3.

The individual free-verse collections that birthed the longing/whining collection craze!

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Shih-Tzus & Shiba-Inus


There are 344 kinds of dogs in the world.

But really--

--there are only two.

Shih-Tzus & Shiba-Inus.

This beautifully illustrated Children's Book teaches the power of acceptance--and the importance of acknowledging the differences that make us all unique.

Conversations With Tibor

Tibor Gyorgy Fidler sits across the coffee shop table from me,
and his eyes say,
"Boy do I have a story to tell you."
before he parts his robust lips to say
"Boy do I have a story to tell you."

Over the course of my bi-weekly encounters with Tibor, I'm to learn of a life
fully-realized: fully-realized and fantastical, and, to a writer, vivid in both the recounting of adventures too bold for the writer's imagination, and, quite frankly vivid well beyond this writers' humble hopes of completely recounting.
Tales of twin brothers and war, tales of women
and the crazy lengths a man will go to love them-

Stories of appendixes removed on purpose to secure  vacations,
and horses shot to feed families -
Stories at once completely unreal and yet one hundred percent true.

Writing In & Of Color

Two writers, one city. One year. Both struggling towards the same goal, their approaches as opposite as their personalities. Two manuscripts, twelve months to see their respective dreams realized, or squandered forever. Red, more interested in drowning his God-given genius in pop culture cliche, is all about excess; more drugs, more steroids, and more dirty-pretty-dirty girls, hoping to mask insecurity in a meticulously orchestrated cover-boy facade. If only he could apply such structure to his writing... Or... Blue, basking in over-analyzed and imagined shortcomings, his loathing self-criticism fighting daily with the optimism in the pages, could he focus to write as often, would undoubtedly propel him into the echelons of post-everything buzz-authors. With the differences between them narrowing as quickly as the distance, a revelation masked as a chance meeting will link their destinies and send them kicking and screaming into a life they've only pretended to be prepared for.

Lion & Lamb

'Lion & Lamb' combines gritty, urban crime writing and striking prose to create a unique and contemporary twist on a doomed romance.

Framed by an eerie children's tale, 'Lion' quickly establishes Jarren Daye's whirlwind descent from promising Journalism student at New York's Columbia University to underground boxer hell-bent on revenge.

And, of course, the girl worth every drop of sweat and blood it takes him to get there.

Daye's innocence is established early; his tempestuous relationship with fellow student Lana Shannon drives the angst-filled first act, 'Lamb.'

Spurned by Lana's wild nature, Daye seeks to emulate best friend Sam Dalton's success in the city's underground by venting his frustrations at notorious biker boss Dwayne 'Diamond' Douglas' boxing gym.

Enamored with the appeal of a life without rules, Jarren assumes the best way to win Lana's affections is to become the 'bad boy;' she is, after all, attracted to the dangerous sort...if only he can make an impression on Sam's new boss...

Examining the concept of duality, 'Lion & Lamb' divides itself effectively into two co-existing genres; part school-boy love story, part hard-boiled crime fiction.

To balance the whimsical musings of an overly-eager romantic with the despair surrounding the loss of innocence, author Brody McVittie dodges conventional plot development, allowing character progression to take center stage.

By the time the reader realizes the horrific events that shape the latter half of the novel, the ethereal romance has resonated far too strongly to deny the lasting impact the prose holds, as the children's tale from the novel's prologue proves itself once again.

The Meathead Manifesto

The Meathead Manifesto--the only 'How-To' guide you'll ever need! If you're into bodybuilding and girls and nutrition    (--and girls!) then you'll love this irreverent take on concepts like 'How To Handle Your Raging Jealousy' and 'Fat: Like The Stuff You Need (As Opposed to the Thing you Think you are.)

139 Pages of Pining

A collection of prose, free-verse and poetry dealing with emotional wreckage in the wake of a particularily bad break up.

A functional and heart-broken Romeo reminisces on the challenges of maintaining a relationship...dissecting and analyzing the mistakes he makes along the way.

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